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Welcome to Please Don't Pet Me!

Please Don’t Pet Me is a group effort, established with the contributions of numerous individuals, including those who have a variety of disabilities and are partnered with service dogs. Our shared mission is to promote widespread understanding and respect for all service dog teams.

Our vision for Please Don’t Pet Me is to positively impact the lives of people who are partnered with service dogs through proactive community involvement, like distributing educational material, offering service dog demonstrations to the general public, maintaining a resource for all types of service dog and disability related information on our website and providing support to individuals at any and every step throughout their service dog journey.

It is our hope that, regardless of the extent of experience you may or may not have with service dogs, Please Don’t Pet Me will offer useful information and possibly even a new perspective on the subject for you.

Please Don’t Pet Me seeks to play a role as a valuable advocacy resource and we do not train service dogs for people with disabilities.

Site last updated 02/10/2021

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